UNBOXING/Review - Decocrated Fall 2021 - SPOILER

I love subscription boxes - especially when the contents are a complete surprise. I have tried a few, but found that they mostly contained make-up and personal care products that I have no use for. I recently discovered Decocrated, a home décor subscription box. Since we are currently remodeling most of our home, I thought this would be a fun way to update the décor!

A little about Decocrated. Decocrated says their boxes contain 6-8 timeless, high-quality décor pieces that are sent out each season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter). They also offer special holiday boxes (Christmas and Halloween). If you choose to pay quarterly you will be billed $79.99 every quarter, or you can pay $299.99 annually and save about $20.

I had received the Halloween box just a few days before the Fall 2021 box arrived. The Fall box was packaged just as nicely as the Halloween box and all items arrived in perfect condition.

The first items I opened were two tea towels. One has a spiderweb design and the other has a print of orange leaves on it. I had read other reviews that each seasonal box comes with a decorative pillow case, but that turned out to not be true. I really have no use for these towels, as they are pretty thin and my little terrorist children will probably destroy them pretty quickly.

The next item I opened was this mini wooden ladder. I love that Decocrated sends a book with the box that gives inspiration on how to decorate using the items received. The problem with it is, they incorporate a lot of items that were received in past shipments, which isn't helpful for us newbies at all. This ladder is another item I don't see being used in my home.

Up next a short wooden bead garland. I'm starting to feel a little underwhelmed by this shipment. I'll be able to use this garland around the house, but it's not the most thrilling find.

OK, they are starting to reel me back in. The next item opened was this cute teal metal pumpkin. I promptly placed this item on a table in my living room. It's a nice pop of color in my mostly grey living room!

The following two items were a matching set of candle holders. I probably wouldn't have picked these out for myself, but they will definitely find a a home in my house.

The next item actually coordinates with the gold on the candle holders. It's a mirror with a crescent moon in blue and gold trim. I'm not the biggest fan of gold, but this item actually looks nice and will be a good starting point for the décor in our guest bathroom.

And here's the whole lot! Although I wasn't super excited about all of the items in this shipment, I will say they all do coordinate nicely with each other. And I'm sure even the items I didn't like would look fantastic in someone's home - just not mine!

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